The easiest way to launch a challenge or to award somebody with digital rewards and NFT

Make your own reward system based on blockchain

Launch your own challenge in few minutes and absolutely free!
Watch their progress and get an analytics
Get all the necessary information about completing the challenge through dashboards
Reward participants for completing challenges and tasks with digital rewards and NFTs
Turn any task from cleaning the house to achieving quarterly KPIs into an exciting game
Сome up with your own challenge
Rewardista will turn them into NFTs or attach your NFTs to reward participants
Create digital awards, cups, certificates, diplomas
Notify an unlimited number of participants about the start of the challenge, conditions and tasks.
Invite participants to your challenge
Key features and scenario management capabilities
A simple challenge and reward editor will allow anyone to create their own scenarios and rewards. You don't need to be experienced in blockchain
Editor of awards and challenge scenarios
Your rewards - your rules
Manage the process of transfer, resale and exchange of reward tokens
  • Integration with external data sources (CRM)
  • Automatic tracking of events in external systems
  • Play scenarios based on external events
Minting to popular blockchains: Eth, Sol, Polygon
No need to understand the intricacies of web 3.0. You choose the network, rules and restrictions, we will take care of the rest.
Track the progress of participants
Participant analytics
Scenario progress analytics
List of participants and awards received by them
Participants portfolio
  • It's easy to start earning rewards
  • Member doesn't have to be a blockchain professor.
  • Ready for use personal account of the participant.
  • Public portfolio with awards, setting the visibility of awards.
  • Integration with popular wallets.
Where does it apply?
Individuals /Family
cryptographic anti-fraud protection
participants don’t need knowledges of web3 technologies
no code
decentralized storage for rewards
easy creation and launch of challenges
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